Saturday, 3 March 2012

Would you think of hiring baby items rather than buying?

When I first chatted to Denise from The Baby Loft I was a little unsure about the idea of hiring baby items rather than buying them but I have been converted! Not only by Denise but my in-laws are travelling in the US with a group of their grand-children and it has worked out cheaper and more efficient for them to have car seats delivered to the airport by a baby hire company rather than use the car hire company or carry three sets!  As most of you know I specialise in sourcing baby-friendly holiday accommodation but there are occasions when you have to stay somewhere with out baby or toddler provisions and hiring could be the answer...

But that’s not all hiring baby equipment is about, here is Denise to tell you more...

The Baby Loft idea came to me whilst I was on maternity leave after having Olivia, I was astounded daily as to the amount of “stuff” that such a little person needs. In addition, you often also find that other family members are also stocking up their lofts with baby equipment ready to call upon when your bundle comes to visit.  It began as a few scribbles on a sheet of paper, something that I would maybe do at some point in the future, I then returned to my Software sales job and 3 weeks later was made redundant, this was the motivation I needed.

Further confirmation that my idea was sound was our first holiday with Olivia to Switzerland at 4 months, it was luck that we drove as the hotel had no provisions whatsoever for babies, so steriliser, car seat, bouncer chair, travel cot & pram were all packed up and brought along. I knew then that anything that can make travelling with babies easier would be well received 
And so ...... The Baby Loft.....was born.

What The Baby Loft aims to do is to provide you with the option to hire baby equipment. .
You may ask why hire ? There are so many reasons for this including :-
·         Holidays – are you visiting the UK
·         Do you have visitors / relations coming to stay
·         Parties / Functions
·         Only require for a short time
·         Simply want to try something out

A large percentage of our customers are visitors from Overseas, we all know that travelling with children is stressful enough, without the added hassle of packing & bringing along all of the equipment needed. So rather than paying excess baggage charges we encourage people to hire their equipment and we will deliver it to their relations, Hotel or airport.

You can hire individual pieces or you can hire bundle packages, for example a Grandma bundle for when the little ones are coming to stay for weekend or longer. In doing this you are preventing  “Grandma” from going out and purchasing, then having to store equipment for those all important holidays.

Another important service that we offer here at  “The Baby Loft” is a “Try before you buy service”.
All too often I hear mothers say that they wished they had been able to try out that travel system or car seat etc before they paid a fortune for it. Or that they are on their 2nd pram as the one they fell in love with and bought whilst pregnant just wasn’t practical. So why not use this service which enables you to hire the desired piece of equipment for 2 weeks. This gives you the opportunity to check that it meets your needs before you commit. 
The Baby Loft

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