Saturday, 11 February 2012

Charlie and Lola, the best bestest ever play...

This morning we headed off to Hertford Theatre to watch Charlie and Lola’s best bestest play. Freddie, although not yet 3, has been to a fair share of live shows and productions and I sometimes worry that he could become a little blasé... Not on your nelly! From the moment Charlie and Lola appeared on stage he was grinning from ear to ear, some of his favourite television characters were in the same room as him!

The production is very well put together and lasts about 90 minutes with a half time interval. Charlie and Lola’s characters are perfectly constructed and the performance cleverly mimics the television show, with puppeteers working behind the scenes to bring the cartoon cut-outs of Charlie and Lola to life.

The show consists of two familiar stories; Charlie’s attempt to get Lola to tidy their room and the story of the Ogre at bedtime. If I am honest the second half is far stronger than the first. The first seemed a little messy and clumsy but the second perfectly paced. I am of course an adult and our little ones seemed to enjoy the whole show - without exception!

Would we go again? Freddie says 'yes please!' For children who enjoy the television show it is definitely worth a trip out...

Charlie and Lola is currently touring the UK – visit the Watershed Theatre company website for where and when.

The Hertford Theatre have some treats over the next few months for little ones from music classes to live theatre productions and also baby-friendly cinema screenings.


  1. Living in the USA, we didn't come across Charlie and Lola until a few years ago. What are the chances of getting a production to come to Utah? we ♥ Charlie and Lola and their sweet antics!

    New Email subscriber! Visiting from voiceBoks!

  2. Hi Becky, we love Charlie and Lola too, not sure if it has been shown live in the USA, let me know if it does!! :) x