Monday, 1 August 2011

In The Night Garden Live

There are very few things in life that reward a parent more than seeing their child squeal with delight - 'In The Night Garden Live' hits the spot continuously...

We headed to Twickenham for the show which is an hr and a half journey for us. With two 2 year-olds we thought  a showing at 3.15 would be perfect giving them their afternoon nap on the way. As most parents know kids always have their own ideas and sleep was the last thing on their mind. So we arrived at the show dome with the fear of a meltdown during the performance due to tiredness. But we needn't have worried, from the moment they saw the Pinky Ponk flying high they were in kiddie heaven!

When the first character came on stage (which in our show was Igglepiggle) our two chaps went onto another level of excitement (which soppily made me all emotional with the oh too often watery eyes, but that's another story...) From here on we went on a journey into the night garden with Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka, The Tombliboos, the teeny tiny Pontipines, the Ninky Nonk, the Pinky Ponk, the Hahoos and the Tittifers.

The show is very cleverly put together using a mixture of puppets, life costumes and projections which kept every child I could see absolutely captivated. During our performance Igglepiggle lost his blanket which kept popping up from time to time allowing for great audience participation and the relief on Freddie's face when Igglepiggle and blanket were reunited was priceless!

The In The Night Garden dome itself is a great venue idea with an intimate feel meaning that wherever you sit you are never far away from the characters. Within the dome there is a place to leave buggies, have coffee, toilets and baby changing facilities and at the end of the show if you are feeling affluent plenty of merchandise to buy too...

Freddie &; Finley after show!
There were children as young as a few months to five years plus so a real treat for In The Night Garden fans of all ages and you can even meet the characters.

Igglepiggle and friends are currently touring the UK and if your little one/s are In The Night Garden fans it really is not to be missed!

For details on venues and dates visit the website directly here: - In The Night Garden

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