Friday, 19 August 2011

Science Museum, London

The Science Museum, South Kensington

How fortunate we are to have so many free museums in our country, and good ones at that!

Last week our motley crew headed off for the day to the Science Museum in London. Our group of 2 dads, 2 mums, a 4 week-old baby and 2 two-year olds really put the exhibitions and facilities to the test!

We set off for the train just after rush hour which would have been enough for our toddlers who, like many boys, think trains are the bees knees! An hour and a half later we arrived at the Science Museum.

Upon entering we were greeted with a fantastic display of space objects including rockets, satellites and probes. A few oohs, ahhs and wows later (especially from the dads) we headed for the basement where 'The Garden' is located. Not to be mistaken with an outdoor area, The Garden is a hand’s on exploratory area for children.

As soon as we entered The Garden our boys immersed themselves in sensory overload for an hour plus. They were fully engrossed with lights, buttons, wobbly tables, a construction area, climbing frames and water tables!

Freddie's favourite was the water zone where after nearly half an hour of pumping pumps, floating boats and generally making a splash we had to move him on. The whole basement area caters well for families with children of all ages and offers a great place to park yourselves and enjoy lunch. Although there are teas, coffees and munchies on offer there are plenty of areas to enjoy a homemade lunch too which is great for the wallet.
After lunch we watched a show with bubbles (not the chimp but the blowy up ones) Freddie's first science class. Even though he didn't quite catch on that blowing them up with gasses lighter and heavier than air made an impact on whether they floated or sank he did enjoy it. 

There is plenty to do for all ages with good facilities with tots in tow - we only touched the surface with our visit but it still gets a big Tot Friendly thumbs up from us...

Visit their website for times and events:

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  1. Wahnsinnig schöne Farben und eine Landschaft zum Verlieben. Erinnert mich an ein Gemälde, ich glaub es heisst „Rainy Landscape“ von dem russischen Maler Kandansky, welches ich auf gesehen habe. Dort können Sie sich Gemälde drucken lassen oder auch handmalen lassen. Wirklich ein grossartiger Platz wo Sie die gleiche Art von Ihrem Gemälde finden können.