Monday, 21 May 2012

Freddie and Flip’s Adventures - Flip returns! yeyheyey!

As you know we travel a bit and so does Freddie’s little buddy, Flip. Flip is a scruffy looking little mouse-like bear who is Freddie’s travel companion. They have a healthy relationship where Freddie calls the shots. Flip occasionally spends nights on his own in Freddie’s clothes draw when Freddie wants more room in the bed! Flip is always there when Freddie needs him and never complains when he discards him temporarily for a fellow toy.

Flip has been on all of our travels since Freddie was born from France, Cornwall, New Zealand, Australia, California, Spain and more. On a few occasions he has gone missing, once spending the night in the quarantine bin at Adelaide airport but he always returns!
Our recent trip to California was no different where he spent a night in downtown San Francisco in a bistro on Union Square Park. Today he has returned in a tiny box after being shipped from Pismo Beach in California, sometimes it feels like Flip chooses to disappear for a few days!

Freddie has been waiting patiently for over a week for his buddy to return ...

what's in the box?


I wonder if he’ll let him share his bed tonight...

Look out for Freddie and Flip’s adventures coming soon!   

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