Saturday, 21 July 2012

Snugglebundl - a good travel aid? (plus your chance to win one!)

As you all know I love to travel and so am always interested in items that make getting out and about that little bit easier. When the guys at Snugglebundl released their baby lifting blanket I was a little sceptical as to what this could actually do to help travelling parents with babies. I am a touchy feely person and so the idea of moving my baby from one place to another without a quick cuddle in between was a little alien, but I have to say that I think in certain situations this blanket could be brilliant!

The primary use for this ‘hammock like’ blanket is for those who suffer with bad backs or any other weakness aggravated by lifting: it allows you to lift up, and lay down baby without bending or stopping. So if you have had a difficult birth and need a little recovery time the Snugglebundl means you can be a little more independent. It has been safety tested and gets the thumbs up from chiropractors and midwives too and grandparents and elderly carers like it for is ease of use and safety element.

There are lots of travel systems on the market now that allow you to move baby in his car seat while asleep but the best position a baby can sleep is flat – using this blanket means you can transfer baby into a flat position without waking him– priceless at times! Actually it’s great for transferring him from car seat to pushchair, to shopping trolley, to floor, to cot...

The big question, would you use the Snugglebundl when on holiday? Well...
Obviously it would be a great help when transferring from once place to another as explained above. It would also certainly be a bonus on a flight, especially if you have a cot on the plane and there is unexpected turbulence which means you have to get baby on your lap. This could help keep him asleep transferring from cot to lap and vice versa, a godsend on long haul flights. So yes a neat little travel blanket and it would be great if they designed a lightweight version for hot climates too...

We have a Snugglebundl to give away to one lucky winner in our Holiday Tots competition. Just visit the Holiday Tots website (home of individual child friendly holiday properties) and answer the question here. Good luck!! (Competition closes 31st July 2012)

For more details on the Snugglebundl visit their website

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  1. We have had several parents let us know how useful the Snugglebundl is at the airport and on the plane. For me as a dad the worst thing was lugging the car seat about because we didn't want to take our baby out and risk waking her and for me that's one of the best things about the Snugglebundl lifting blanket, that you can just lift them up and move them without waking them and because it just fits into the car seat you can leave the car seat in the car and just lift baby out on the blanket and put her straight into the pushchair without disturbing her! Dave-Snugglebundl