Sunday, 11 March 2012

Take your own Travelling Nanny with you this year.

Ever thought how great it would be to take a nanny with you on Holiday? Linda and Michaela talk about their travelling nanny company in our guest blog post...

Your ticket to a stress-free family holiday by My Travelling Nanny

Family holidays are the highlight of each year.  Time to spend time together without the daily pressures of deadlines and chores. To be in an environment where your “things to do” list is based on relaxation and exploring, and where (hopefully) wall-to-wall sunshine, a great pool or beach,  and stunning scenery, puts everyone in a good mood.

Undeniably, however, it can be hard work with little ones- keeping them happy and entertained, as well as suncreamed and safe!  And over- excitement, coupled with jet lag or a long car journey, can make at least the first few days very challenging, and normal routines are sometimes not easy to keep.

Having your own holiday nanny could be exactly what you need to make your holiday a real holiday.
Another pair of hands and eyes on the beach, and in the pool.  Someone to walk the baby to sleep in the pram, while you keep your toddler in the shade in the heat of the day.  Someone to sort out the sandy beachbags and get the children in the bath, while you prepare their dinner.  Someone to stay there while you pop down to the local restaurant for your own dinner, and some chill-out time.

My Travelling Nanny, like Holiday Tots, is a small, family-run business with a personal touch.  We hand-pick our nannies just as Holiday Tots hand-picks their properties.  Like them, we understand the needs of families with young children.

It’s so easy to book.  Just a phone call or email to Linda and Michaela.  Then select which prospective nanny/nannies you want to interview. They will come to your home and meet you all.  They will travel with you, so no more nightmare flights/car journeys and arriving at your destination stressed and exhausted before your holiday has even begun.

Most importantly, your holiday nanny will be able to begin forming bonds with your children so that you can breathe a deep sigh of relief, and know that this time you might actually be able to notice the scenery, and maybe even take a little time out to enjoy the sun and sangria.

Holiday Nannies are not only accessible to the rich and famous.  My Travelling Nanny offers an affordable service  - Standard Nannies as well as Experienced/Qualified Nannies – something for every pocket. All personally interviewed, vetted and reference checked by Linda and Michaela.  And as an agency, My Travelling Nanny has many testimonials from happy families and an increasing number of repeat customers. It has also had success and commendations in both national and local business competitions for new enterprises.

Why not consider sharing a holiday nanny if you are holidaying with another family, and share the costs?  Prices start at £325 per week for a nanny working 6/7 hours per day and babysitting for 3 evenings. NB All travel/accommodation/meals costs are paid by the family.

Please visit our website :  Linda and Michaela can be contacted on 020 8133 3126, or email them at

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