Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Out n About Nipper Sport

We walk A LOT and our pushchair just didn’t quite make the grade when it came to uneven terrain. We often walk through the woods with a friend who has a 3 wheeler jogger, which seems to effortlessly glide through the mud and over bumps and logs so we decided to purchase similar. 

After much research we decided on the Out ‘n’ About Nipper Sport. It has 16 inch wheels, a fixed basket underneath, hand break, foot breaks, fully reclining seat, and comes with rain cover and padded seat pad. The back wheels have suspension and our chap, who is very big for his age, at 20 months looks so comfortable. It folds easily and all 3 wheels are quick release which means it can be folded even smaller. It is very light and we have also purchased a carry bag for travelling, especially for our up and coming flights. 

We have tested it now for a week and it is nothing short of brilliant! The only downside could be the tyres, which have inner tubes, we have bought some gel which supposedly automatically block any punctures, fingers crossed... 

Now looking forward to every type of terrain our travels Down Under have to offer!

We bought ours from Kiddicare.co.uk, ordered in the afternoon and received the following morning, perfect service and a good price £199

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