Monday, 28 February 2011

Tomorrow is the day - New Zealand with our toddler!

Ok, tomorrow we begin our journey to the other side of the world. Due to the earthquake in Christchurch our itinerary has changed slightly. We now fly into Auckland and spend the first two nights there, then go to Blenheim as before, popping to Kaikoura just before our flight to Queenstown. All will become clear as we update the blog.

Door to door travel time (with no delays) should be about 35 hours. We are kitted out with toddler distractions and so if it all goes belly up and the little chap doesn’t sleep a wink we should be covered! 

Our story so far with Singapore Airlines and babies, toddlers...

There have been a few complications trying to reserve seats. Bulkheads are reserved for under twos but note - if you book your toddler a seat and they are under two those that haven’t booked a seat will get priority. 

Make sure you check in on-line to reserve your seats, it has definitely relaxed me knowing I have the seats I feel comfortable with. Meals on offer on Singapore are: baby, post weaning, child and adult – we have opted for post weaning – will let you know if the choice is the right one! 

I am hoping to get the chance to update in Singapore airport (they also have an outdoor swimming pool!) if not the next update will be from Auckland on Wednesday.

My emotions are a mixture of excitement and nerves – I hope we all sleep well tonight...

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