Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New Zealand and Australia with our Toddler part 2

3 weeks to go yesterday! Very excited and just a little anxious...

Flights and accommodation are now booked. Singapore airlines got our booking this time, for a number of reasons:

Only two flights to take (12 hrs and 9 hrs 45) as opposed to Emirates three flights. Furthermore Singapore Airport has a great reputation (having been voted Airport of the Year 2010). We are hoping that our 6 hour stop there will have plenty to tire Freddie including a swimming pool. Our departure time from Heathrow is good too, opted for 6.30pm departure and so dinner, play, sleep should theoretically happen (fingers crossed).

I am slowly putting together a great bag of essentials for the trip, details to follow but in the meantime here is out basic itinerary with accommodation.

We have set ourselves 5 bases in total for the duration of our stay and our travel and accommodation itinerary goes:

Day 1:

Arrive in Christchurch at 10.30am take the two and half hr drive to Kaikoura and stay for 2 nights. We found a small selection of accommodation on offer and opted for a house (which by all accounts isn’t perfectly child-friendly as the stairs look a little un-friendly for tots but we figured these could be blocked off and the house looks great!).

Kaikoura Holiday Home - Website
Staying two nights, 2nd & 3rd March

Day 3:

Leave Kaikoura on a two and a half hr drive to Blenheim where we will be spending 3 nights in total at The Dog Point Bell Tower - Website

Day 7

Fly from Blenheim to Queenstown (we are lucky to be staying in friends accommodation here and may take a night to Milford Sounds TBC) we stay here a total of 5 nights at

Day 12

Fly to Auckland where we are spending two nights at the Quay West Auckland -Website

Day 14

Fly to Adelaide and spend our final 4 nights here before heading back to the UK.

Staying at Henley Palms near Henley Beach - Website

Will update you on our findings of activities for the plane journey next...

For a good selection of child-friendly holiday properties visit Holiday Tots

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