Friday, 19 March 2010

Packing Freddie's Bag

Ok we're getting ready for a 4 day trip to Spain/southern France and the list is endless... we'll be on the road for much of it so Freddie's bag has to consist of: clothes - vests, t's, trousers, a million pairs of socks (always losing them!), jumpers, coat, sweatshirt, bibs, pj's... then there's the 'food on the go', good old Ella pouches some cheese and finger food. He's also cutting a few teeth so Calpol, teething gel then there are the bottles, milk and that's before we get onto the toys, books, pushchair, car sunshades, blanket, monitor ('cos he likes his stars to get to sleep!) and his cuddle chums for bedtime phew and... nappies, wipes, baby bath, shampoo - you get the picture!

I'll be back soon with updates of our trip, looking forward to visiting Barcelona, the Costa Brava and Dorada coastline and the south of France - now just need to locate my passport!

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