Thursday, 11 February 2010

Virgin Airlines with Babies and toddlers

We are looking to book a holiday to California (and maybe find a few holiday properties along the way!) and so I thought I would update you on Virgin Airways policy and young babies.

For Freddie (who will be 16 months at the time of travel in September) there is a charge of £94. This is not for a seat for him but for him to be seated on my lap. If you prefer your little one to have their own seat they offer infant care chairs, (a child safety seat specifically designed for airline use) pioneered by Virgin Atlantic for children aged six months up to around three years.


New born babies can travel after day 7.

The skycot (bassinet), is available to all new born babies up to approximately 12 months of age (depending on weight and height). After take-off, the cabin crew will install the skycot for you. Infants under 12 months of age, less than 9kg in weight and less than 76cm in height will fit in all skycots. Other skycots, allowing for babies up to 11kg in weight, are available on selected aircraft types but cannot be guaranteed and are subject to change up to the day of departure.Some types of skycots can be used during turbulence, but most will require you to remove your child if the seatbelt signs are illuminated during flight. ‘

Luggage allowance

You are allowed one item free of charge i.e. collapsible pushchair, carry basket or car seat. Babies also get their own luggage allowance which equals one piece maximum 23 kilos.

Complimentary nappies, bottles and baby foods are readily available in every class but do check before travel that they have what you want!

Older kids

‘The airline offers special children's meals - plain food designed especially to appeal to children, including a main meal, Dairylea dunkers, a gingerbread man biscuit, a selection of fruit, Haribo sweets and a yoghurt Frube stick. Passengers can book these when booking their flights to ensure a meal is a reserved for them on the day of departure.’

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