Friday, 14 September 2012

Get your running shoes on with ‘couch to 5k’ podcast from the NHS

I can just start to see the trees turn, wow this summer has flown by! Maybe it was the excitement of the Olympics or just that time is moving too quickly...

Anyway, away from the baby/toddler/kiddie stuff for a minute as this post is about me...

I haven’t been a runner since school days, which were a very long time ago, and have been trying half-heartedly to lose my excess baby weight for a while – well three years actually. Before Freddie was born I struggled to put on weight, even after my three older children were born I lost weight over night to the point that some people thought I might have an eating disorder – which I didn’t unless you call scoffing chocolate a problem! Then things were suddenly reversed, I put it down to the fact that Freddie came along while in my 40s.

I walk a lot, swim and attend a power Yoga class but still couldn’t shift the weight. So three weeks ago I decided enough was enough and I wanted my old figure back, well not quite my old figure but not this new one. I don’t want to be stick thin but I don’t want the middle part of me wider than my big bottom, and I would like my big bottom a little smaller than it is...
Download the Couch to 5K podcasts
The kids bought me an Ipod Nano for my birthday and while browsing podcasts I came across the NHS Couch to 5K in 9 weeks and thought I would give it a go. iTunes pod cast link    NHS page link (its the green one)

All I can say is ‘brilliant’!! You get a lovely personal trainer chatting to you while out on your runs, BTW her name is Laura, who has a supportive but not patronising tone and guides you through your training schedule along with some ‘ok’ music. 

After my run today I will have completed the first 3 weeks, I already notice a difference to my stamina. And not only is my mindset and body changing but I am actually enjoying watching the leaves change colour on each outing... when I began 3 weeks ago they were green and vibrant, now they are  slowly browning.

If anyone is looking for a way to get out, have some ‘me time’, lose a little weight and feel stronger and emotionally cleansed I wholeheartedly recommend it.

I can’t always jog on my own so sometimes take the 3 wheeler and if you are looking to purchase one I love the Out n About Nipper Sport, Freddie is a big chap now but it is still big enough for him to sit comfortably and he loves coming on a dod (jog in Freddie talk).

Will give you an update in 3 weeks! If you decide to have a go please let me know how you get on.

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