Thursday, 15 December 2011

Stone painting - probably the perfect craft activity for our tot!

Freddie loves arts and crafts but like most 2 year olds has a very short attention span so the activity today of making festive stones for his teachers was perfect for him. The mixture of going out and searching, washing, painting and sprinkling meant it ticked many boxes for a great days activity. And he managed to do everything himself which was a first!

In the morning we went out stone hunting, Freddie picked them all himself and they varied in size, shape and colour.

We got home, had a snack and then set about washing them in Fairy Liquid and dried them off with an old towel. He especially liked the sound they made when they clanked together!

Next we glazed them with a mixture of PVA glue and water and left them to dry. This meant Freddie could get back to his train set followed by lunch!

After his afternoon nap the stones were ready to paint. He specifically didn't want the undersides of the stones painted which thankfully meant not too much mess :)

By the time the last one was painted the first one was ready for a sealing of glue and so it went on until all the stones had a glupey seal, he then sprinkled glitter and stars and again we left them to dry while we had dinner and played a few games.

Once dried he chose which ones to give to his teachers (the others are for special family and friends) and I helped him wrap them in tissue paper.

We had a great day today and he really was proud of his art...

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