Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Snowman - Peacock Theatre - A must for families wanting to share a little bit of warmth this Christmas!

We set off early for our outing to The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre in Holborn with fingers crossed that Freddie wouldn’t have a meltdown due to the lack of sleep we had all had the night before. Another story for another time...

We needn’t have worried as his favourite thing ever – Trains! – set him off in high spirits, the train was on time too which helped!

We arrived at the theatre and after purchasing a flashing snowman made our way to our fantastic seats in the 3rd row of the stalls , but I would think most seats would be good as the Peacock Theatre is quite intimate as far as London theatres go.

The show opens with a wonderful curtain of snow and the young boy, James, waking in his bed – the story that follows is both magical and festive and, much to the surprise of my hubby, had every child and adult in the house transfixed for an hr and 50 minutes, from toddlers to grannies and grandpas.

The music, costumes, stage and choreography is perfect and what you would expect from a production linked to Sadler's Wells and offered clever distractions throughout the show for any toddlers or youngsters who might have been bored.

Many fantastic characters join James and The Snowman on their adventure to the North Pole including dancing foxes, badgers, rabbits, more snowmen, Jack Frost and of course Father Christmas.

Freddie hasn't stopped asking to see ‘the boy’ again even though we keep telling him the show is called ‘The Snow Man’ which just shows how powerful a production can be when the only non costumed character sticks in a 2 year olds head!

A must for families wanting to share a little bit of warmth at Christmas we loved it!

For more details and tickets visit the Salder's Wells website

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