Friday, 11 November 2011

Toddler Sniffles or a Full Moon...?

Last night saw both hubby and I struggle to get to sleep and once we were there we both had frantic vivid dreams and were restless all night. Freddie struggled too, after going to bed at 7.30 the first call was at 10pm, ‘mommy’s bed’, was the cry, daddy dear sorted and lulled him back off to sleep only to have to go through the whole procedure again at midnight. By 3am we gave in and let the little rascal sleep with us.

He was as restless as us, kicking and jumping in his sleep. I often dozed off only to find a foot in my face where he had made a 360 degree turn somehow without us knowing! At 6.45 he was raring to go.
The night was VERY strange, which made me look at the moon cycle – although it has never been scientifically proven I am convinced that a full moon ignites something in our brains which makes us restless – however it doesn’t affect my older 2 children aged 18 and 21 who slept like logs!

Freddie trotted off to his little 3 hr stint at pre-school with a few dark rings under his eyes followed by me with bags the size of golf balls!
12 O’clock pick up and he and I still looked like rubbish, but now he has a cold and a croaky voice. A bowl of soup, yogurt and cup of milk later and he was fading fast, with sniffles and a little temperature to boot – so Calpol and Vicks vapour rub to the rescue, a little of David Attenborough’s “Frozen Planet” – he loves the penguin scene – and now he is fast asleep...

Last night was a full moon so who knows what caused the night of restlessness moon or onset of a cold... next full moon due 10th December next cold due ?

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