Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Miss Spider's Tea Party app for Iphone and Ipad (ideal toddler - pre-school app)

Miss Spider’s Tea Party App for toddlers and pre-school children
based on bestselling Miss Spider children's books by David Kirk.

This wonderful story is brought to life with classy animations and vibrant colours. The app offers a world of choice for tots. Features include; ‘read’ mode with the option of narration with clever animation on every page activated by your tot; in ‘watch’ mode the story really comes to life in the form of a children’s film; ‘memory match game’ is a copy of the old fashioned pairs card game; ‘puzzle mode’ involves different puzzles which once completed become an animation; and last but not least ‘paint mode’ offers finger painting with no mess! 

Firstly I would like to re-iterate that I am not a fan of excessive television watching or computer game playing but accept that in moderation they have their place...
We purchased this app before Freddie turned 2 as a prop for our trip to New Zealand. He loved it! The graphics are first class and there are lots of activities for all tastes. His favourite activities have continually changed at first it was the story followed by the puzzles and now he enjoys the match game - he still enjoys it now 7 months on so for us it was a good buy, we give it a 4/5 Tot Friendly thumbs up !

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