Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Days without my youngest, another chapter begins…

For Mums & Dads whose little ones have started school.

Hello First I must apologise for my lengthy absence... The summer has flown by, taken up with days of fun-filled activities, trying to get as much in before the youngest heads off to school every day :(

Life is generally fun in our household. We are always on the go looking for new adventures and challenges. We are just a normal family, except that there are a few years between our youngest and next oldest (15 years to be precise). But we live in a normal house, with our normal, if not a bit scatty dog and generally do normal stuff.I have spent the last 28 years looking after my children, so when Freddie (now 4) went to school for the first time a couple of weeks ago I felt a little lost... Yes I have my business - (child friendly holidays - little plug there :)) but it felt and still feels... rather strange!

I am a busy active person, like to be under pressure and whizz around getting things done. Now that Freddie is at school I have time to work on my business ideas, but have to confess I am finding it hard to get as much done now that I am not under pressure. You see, when Freddie was at nursery, I barely had time to think, always chasing my tail, but always achieving. Now things are different, I have time to plan and organise, to prioritise and build methodically. I am not sure I like it!

Only time will tell…

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