Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Puky bikes for toddlers and pre-schoolers

For his first Christmas, Freddie received a Puky tricycle (model?). We wanted something that we could use on a daily basis, to and from the shops, to the park and for our walks through the woods, so it had to be a bike that was robust and with a handle. After much research the Puky Tricyle caught my eye and proved a fantastic buy. The Puky Tricycle is fitted with straps so he was enjoying the ride at a very young age! Through the year he grew with the bike and it handled the rough terrain of the woods brilliantly...

For his second Christmas (so when he was about 20 months old) we bought him a Puky Balance bike, (LR1 Br Learner Bike)  I remember his excitement on Christmas day as he mastered it over the park, from then on there was no stopping him and his little friend Finlay (who also had a Puky balance bike). This bike is very well made and looks great too, the one we bought has a brake and stand and is extremely robust.

Now we are Puky lovers!! However they are not cheap, check out eBay as there are always some listed and not many people have heard of them.

we removed the stabilisers
Freddie was now ready for a pedal bike but as we had fallen in love with the Puky brand we were a little loathed to go for any other make. The bike we wanted is just under £150 (Z2 Model)– which is just a bit too much for our wallets to take, however uncharacteristically I was patient and kept an eye out on the internet for a second-hand one. Luckily within a few weeks I found one on a cycling website for £50 – and it looks brand spanking new! It is very similar to the Puky Balance Bike and so the transition was almost seamless. Again it is well made, has two brakes, one handle brake and one on the pedals when you pedal backwards, and comes in a variety of colours.

Freddie is now hooked on cycling and an outing is a must every day! We have a BMX area in our park that he has started eyeing up, he’s only 3!
Now there is no stopping him...

If you want more details on the Puky bikes visit their website here: http://www.pukybikes.co.uk

If you need any help choosing feel free to get in touch.


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  3. Hi,

    I am also a fan of Puky, my 2 year old has a balance bike and loves it! I am now looking at getting her a scooter, do you have any experience with the Puky ones? They look great but I can't really find any reviews anywhere.

  4. Hi Lenka
    I haven't used the Puky Scooter or know anyone who has :( They do look super cool though, I am tempted... let me know if you go for it and I will let you know too :)