Thursday, 9 September 2010

Messy play for toddlers using a salad spinner!

This is ingenious! Freddie and I went to our first ever Messy Play session this week, in Brickendon Herts. What great fun, although he didn’t seem to understand why some of the other little people didn’t like water splashed in their faces! There were lots of messy things to do, obvious ones modelling clay, water, colouring etc. There were two not so obvious activities: a strange mixture of what can only be described as cornflakes, cocoa flakes and baked beans mmm... but my favourite by far was the ingenious re invention of the basic salad spinner! Cover a paper plate with your favourite colour paint, pop it in the spinner, cover and spin... this was the result!

And a very very happy Freddie kept going back to do more! Now proudly centre stage on our conservatory wall with enough to send to Granny and Grand pop and Great Nan!

Messy play is a great way for your toddler to make a mess somewhere else - visit the Tot Friendly calendar for activites near you.

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