Monday, 27 September 2010

What to do on a wet and cold Sunday with a toddler?

Museum of London Docklands and Baby Loves Disco!

Yesterday we were pleased to have planned a good day out which didn’t depend on what the weather decided to throw at us! We filled the slow cooker with beef, vegetables, herbs spices etc plugged it in and off we went...

Freddie hiding in Sailortown
 Our first stop was Museum of London Docklands (it took about 40 mins to get there from Hertford just enough time for Freddie to have his little toddler nap). The museum itself is free but it did cost £5 to park. We began our journey in the Mudlarks section, a great little set up for children. Freddie is only 17 months and so didn’t really understand what was on offer but had fun all the same.

There is a soft play area for toddlers under a meter tall and there are lots of hands-on activities for older children. To reduce overcrowding entry is via ticket only (sessions are about 40 mins) and are collected (for free) at the front desk as you enter the museum. Once your session is over, you are free to grab another ticket (space permitting) or as we did, enjoy the rest of the museum. There are some great things to see and Freddie enjoyed all three floors (and behaved!).

We all particularly enjoyed Sailortown, a life size reconstruction of streets around Wapping from the 1840s 50s. Stepping through the doors you are transported back 150 years to the dark, winding streets. ‘The gallery attempts to recreate the contemporary description of the area: “both foul and picturesque” – the area was a maze of streets, lanes and alleys catering to the men ashore from vessels from all over the world.’ MOLD

There are baby changing facilities (although the one on the main floor was locked, apparently due to the nappy bin being too full!). The whole museum is fully accessible and we had a lovely snack in the museum restaurant which has highchairs for little ones. There is a children’s menu on offer @ £4.95 a pop but this is free with an adult paying guest ordering from the main menu.

Following lunch we headed for a totally different vibe to Baby Loves Disco. Usually £9 for all walking humans we were lucky enough to get a complimentary family pass.

The music was a great selection of 70s and 80s disco, which I defy anyone not to tap their toes too! Freddie enjoyed it watch him here - sorry side ways on! There was, as you would expect, a DJ and dance floor with good acoustics and a few bubbles thrown in. A nice touch was the chill out area with soft lighting and plenty of toys, books, cushions etc to keep babies, toddlers and beyond amused, as well as free drink and food for the kids. The whole event lasts for 3 hours and so makes the £9 per head not sound too bad...

An ideal place to go with a group of friends where you can let off some steam on the dance floor with your little ones, or sit on the periphery and catch up while the children tire themselves out...

Go Freddie! First club and you managed to get on the guest list!!!!

Tired out by the days excitement Freddie had a little cat nap on the way home and we were greeted with the smell of our dinner as we walked into the house, whoever said rain stops play!?

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