Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hatfield House - great for little explorers wanting to let off steam!

Hatfield House has so far missed my days out radar, not sure why as we only live a few miles away but it just never occurred to me, which is strange as we are explorers  by nature!

A friend suggested we take our little ones (ages 2x 2yrs and one 5 year old) and I was pleasantly surprised. We only touched the surface visiting the Farm, Bloody Hollow Adventure Playground and retail area so will be back for a longer visit but here is what we thought...

Bloody Hollow Adventure Playground

The Bloody Hollow Adventure Playground is a fantastic play area with castle, rope bridges, zip slide, swings and more. Probably not great for little ones just learning to toddle but if you have a sturdy-on-their-feet 2+ year-old who enjoys climbing and running they will have a blast. The whole area is fully enclosed but beware: there are very steep banks (which actually adds to the whole experience- although I think castles were usually built on hills!)

Hatfield Park Farm

Large farm with a variety of animals to feed. Freddie especially loved the pigs as they made such a squealing noise when we walked past them. There are sandpits dotted around with great little diggers, the kids played there for ages! We were also lucky enough to see the lambs being fed.

The Stable Yard

The Stable Yard offers a variety of independent retailers: one is a lovely old fashioned toy shop, where Freddie spent his £1 with ease. You will also find the Coach House Restaurant here which offers a nice selection of food and drink. There is currently a FREE HOT DRINK offer- just visit the Hatfield House website here and print off the voucher (offer valid until 15th July). There are often free events for children here too, we made Easter baskets, rabbits and chicks.

As I said we only touched the surface, there is so much more to explore and we will definitely be back! Entrance to the Farm and Bloody Hollow costs £4.50 for adults and £2 for children 3+. Visit the website for full prices (Free entry to Stable Yard).

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