Friday, 8 January 2010

Baby Sensory Classes in Ware

Freddie and I have been going to Hanna's Baby Sensory classes in Ware for a couple of months now and he adores them! The whole hour flies by and Freddie has a wonderfully long nap in the afternoon... Enough time to put a dent in my long list of to do jobs!

Each session starts with the familiar 'say hello' song that all the babies adore followed by a few interactive games with stimulating items. This week among other things, each baby had a helium filled balloon (all perfectly controled!) attached to their wrist by a hair band and bell, and to the music bounced the balloon around. Freddie enjoyed this so much that he held onto his balloon throughout the next stage, free time, where there are lots of fun toys for you and your baby to play with and explore while socialising with other mums and tots.

Freddie and Louis decided to have a snack in the pool!

Finally the classes end as they begin with another interactive session of balloons, bubbles, balls and lights. Some manage to last the distance while others begin to doze during the final 'say goodbye' song...

We attend the class in Ware run by Hannah, but if you visit the Baby Sensory website there are other classes all over the UK.

If you are looking for a good hour’s entertainment for your little one that is not only fun but also very stimulating then this is for you. Hannah is happy for everyone to have a free trial, not surprising as I am sure everyone returns!

Today, not all of us were hampered by the snow, thankfully I wasn’t the only one who turned up – thanks for the push guys!!!

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