Thursday, 4 November 2010

And the first prize for Toy of the Year 2010 goes to...

The good old fashioned box!

When the heavens opened in August I was a little stuck for ideas to do with young Freddie. Usually we are out and about in all weathers but if you can remember there was a day when it was particularly bad and the little chap was particularly energetic!

I remembered the box I had saved from one of Freddie's birthday presents flat packed in the shed for such a day. It is now November and the said box is still going strong, a little ugly (not very artistic I know) but daily play den to Freddie and our dog Millie (peeking out of the window) as well as puppet theatre, car track and garage.

Winner of the best free toy award so far this year and the cheapest!

It would be great to hear your ‘toy of the year’ stories. Free box to the best one!

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